what is the difference between being pansexual and bisexual?

Several sexuality categories help us in determining which type of person are you like straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and pansexual, etc.

From some time, there is a very high confusion between “bisexual” and “pansexual”.

According to las vegas escorts, Where bisexual means getting attracted to more than one gender, pansexuality means getting attracted to all kinds of gender.

But aren’t these two are the same.

According to las vegas call girls, there are some similarities and differences in being bisexual and pansexual.


  • Both get attracted to different genders
  • Both can live with normal people
  • Both are the same normal human beings


Although both bisexual and pansexual have some similarities, they are completely different from each other.

asian girls in vegas clarify these differences with examples, like take a bisexual as person A and pansexual as person B.

Person A likes some fruits like apple, mango, and avocado, while person B says he likes all the fruits in the world no matter what type, color, size or taste it has.

The difference between bisexual and pansexual is same. Bisexual people like one or two gender of people but there are preferences like a bisexual man like straight men or gay men but they have no interest in transgenders or lesbians.

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