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What Is Your Darkest Fantasy?

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There are many different types of fantasies that people have, but the most popular ones are those of the dark supernatural realm. The world that these fantasies come from can be anything from a fairy tale to a movie or even a game. The point is that no matter what the genre is, there are things that you can do in order to put yourself into that persona. If you have always wondered what your deepest fantasy is, this article will give you the answers. Here are five examples of what you may not know about your deepest fantasies.

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A fairytale is one of the most common fantasies out there, so it would make sense that you would want to know what is your darkest fantasy when it comes to fairytales. There are a lot of different ones to choose from, so you should be able to find one that is very close to your heart. Most of the time, what is your darkest fantasy about a princess is that she is beautiful and that she is the hero. Anything else might be too common, so consider what you want out of a story when you are trying to figure out what is your darkest fantasy.

A war is another popular fantasy that people like to think about. When you are thinking about what is your darkest fantasy about war, it is important that you do not lose sight of the fact that it is all fiction. The point is that it is okay to like war, because there are lots of benefits to it. Fantasy war stories can be great, so if you have been looking for ways to impress your friends with deep thoughts, this is a good place to start. If you are thinking about killing someone in real life, remember that the point of fiction is that you are not going to do it, so there is no reason why you should carry your fantasy into the real world.

Another darkness that is common is death. If you are afraid of dying, then maybe your darkest fantasy is having no consequences. You could find that if you take things lightly, then you might be very upset when your loved ones die in a fire or something. However, if you are afraid of dying then you should read books with happy endings where everyone is happy, or make sure that you never let sadness control your life.

If you are afraid of the dark then you might be into sex a lot. However, if you are afraid of dying then you might not be interested in sex at all. This is not always easy to determine, since our sexual fantasies can be very colorful and sometimes they can even be very literal. There are of course, some people who are afraid of death and would rather die than have children, so they will pursue their sexual fantasies instead of having an affair.

What is your darkest fantasy? This is a question that might bring up many different answers depending on who you ask. For some, sex is the only thing that matters, while others will admit that there are other things that they want. This can be a very interesting topic to talk about at your next dinner party!

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